14 Surefire Ways To Make A Presentation Boring

14 Surefire Ways

What makes a presentation boring! 

I was at an event recently. The speakers were experts in their fields and delivered informative content on interesting topics. But one thing that stood out is that the speakers who could present well created a rapport with the audience in no time. And we, as audience, were more engrossed in the content rather than having to navigate through bad presentation techniques to stay focussed. So I think it is safe to say that you may be great at what you do and be the best in terms of knowledge. But if you cannot effectively convey that information, the audience will have a hard time connecting with you as a speaker.

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Public Speaking: 3 Excellent Books On Mastering The Art

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another video from Soft Skills Studio. Do you ever watch TED talks and think – Wow! I wish I was that confident in front of people! Did you know that even Warren Buffet had stage fright? The father of communication, Dale Carnegie himself grappled with fear of public speaking which led him to not just master the skill but also write books to help others.

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Video: 3 Blunders To Absolutely Avoid In A Resume

It is that time of the year when students are appearing for their placement interviews. It is a nervous yet exciting time of their lives. So I thought of making a video that is so relevant to the interview process – 3 mistakes to avoid in a resume. Before I start with the tips, here is a very important fact you should know:

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11 Practical Tips: Take Your Career To The Next Level

Being stuck in one’s career is one of the worst places to be.

Lot of questions. But no answers!


But in today’s times there are a variety of options to follow and myriad ways to break into the next level. The level YOU aspire to be at.

First of all, how do you know if are ready for the next level in your career? Here are a few signs:

  • You feel unhappy and dissatisfied with your current work
  • You’ve been at it for quite some time now
  • Your work feels repetitive
  • You think you can do/achieve more
  • Your potential doesn’t seem to be getting utilised to the fullest
  • You want more in your life and career

So what do we do?

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7 Important Tips For Women In The Corporate World


Let’s accept it – the rules for men and women are different!

And when you read books by Sheryl Sandberg and Jessica Bennett, you realise that the struggle is real. Women across the world face the same challenges at the work place. But there are a few things that you should do as a woman to ensure that your presence counts. And people listen when you begin to talk. Here are a few things you can do:

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13 Things You Can’t Neglect In Placement Interviews

13 Tips to Ace Placement interviews

Placement interviews can be stressful but also interesting times. Facing interviews for the first time should be exciting for anyone.

And there is nothing a little preparation can’t help crack the dreaded placement interviews.

I have put together some relevant tips to help you focus on important areas of preparation. You can also follow my series on placement interviews on Linkedin Pulse.

I’d like to start by helping you with a little fact that can have a huge impact on our preparation.

PRO TIP: Recruiters spend only 6 SECONDS scanning a resume before they decide to select or reject it. 

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