About Us

Soft Skills Studio is a training and coaching company passionate about skills training to make more people more effective. We think that when work becomes play, success is not by the way and our programs reflect this philosophy. Soft Skills Studio is also a resource of informative and useful content on how to develop skills that make people more successful.

Our brand stands for values likes passion, honesty and making work fun. What makes us truly unique is that our training rooms are well lit since we do not have any ppts to present. We do, feel and learn because we are experiential. All our modules are mapped to personal or organizational challenges that create road blocks to success. Our post training support ensures that we are still around even after the training to assist you in continuing learning beyond the classroom. Whether you are an individual looking to work on your skills or a corporate wanting to cover a skill gap in your organisation – we have programs for all.

Our USPs include:
  • Our programs are ppt-free. They are 100% experiential.
  • Each module is mapped to personal/organizational challenges
  • The post training support keeps you on the of continued learning

At the helm of this ambitious project is Suman Kher, a passionate training professional who has 14 years of experience across industries and geographical locations. With training certifications from esteemed institutions like Dale Carnegie and IIM, Indore, Suman specializes in communication and soft skills training. She has worked with well known names like HDFC Bank, Bajaj Allianz, Titan Fastrack, Godrej and Boyce to name a few.

Apart from being a trainer, she is also an Erickson Certified Coach and coaches on personal effectiveness. This enables her to make a difference to individuals by helping them work on their personal or work goals.

She is passionate about blogging and social media. In fact, Soft Skills Studio started as a blog of useful resource on communication and soft skills and has now turned into a training outfit too.